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Delva Srl is the official distributor Bosch Rexroth and Parker. For over 30 years we have supplies of all kinds of tools for precision mechanics. We manufacture aluminum structures and machines to automate and optimize production processes. Tubes and fittings of any size both hydraulic and pneumatic. Bosch Rexroth linear technology guides, pads, bolts and nuts ball. Forniture industriali a Napoli - Rivenditori Bosch Rexroth e Parker - Profilati in Alluminio - Utensili per la meccanica di precisione - Automazione - Idraulica e Pneumatica - Strutture in Alluminio

Our company was established in 1980 as DELVA UTENSILI Sas

we manufacture and market cutting tools for fine mechanics. During the first years of our activity, pneumatic and oleodynamic components for industrial automation were added to our catalogue, which allowed us to grow even further.

In 1996 DELVA UTENSILI Sas created DELVA Srl

and has ever since been working in strict cooperation with leading, global corporations, such as Bosch Rexroth in Germany and Parker Hannifin in the USA. Our design and manufacturing projects for aluminum modular structures with Bosch Rexroth have considerably grown in the past few years. In 2004/2005 we tried to expand our company and created DELVAET, then returned to our family-run business. In 2011 we moved into our own 1,600 sq. meters plant, and current headquarters, in San Marco Evangelista (Caserta) and switched back to our original company name - DELVA Srl.

Currently DELVA

has 50 employees (including two of Valerio de Angeli's sons) serving as engineers, technicians and sales representatives, working on behalf of major cutting and automation tool companies. We work in all major industrial fields in our Region - Campania - above all aeronautics, automobile, packaging and railway.

Our current strategy

is focused on offering our customers best-in-class solutions, in order to allow them to achieve the highest levels of productivity, by enhancing and optimizing all relevant systems.

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